how to clean tinted windows in your home

The Arizona sun is no joke. Many folks in the area have opted to have their residential windows tinted. However, with that comes another chore, cleaning. While cleaning standard windows is something we are all very familiar with, windows with tint are another story. Having clean windows improves the overall look and feel of the home. Nobody wants to look out windows full of streaks and low visibility. They are responsible for letting in natural light and keeping our homes from feeling like a cave. But how do you care for tinted windows? While you could call on the professionals such as Innovative Cleaning services, we understand there are some jobs you would like to tackle independently. So, let’s start going over how to care for your tinted window properly so that they will last for years.

Purchase the Best Residential Window Tinting Products

The first step in having tinted windows that will look great for years to come starts with the type of window tint you use. This should be inexpensive with product information. It would be best if you went with a commercial-grade window tint meant for home or industrial windows. Try to find out what their warranty is as well. Take your time at this step to find a window tint that will best serve your purposes. This is especially important for those with south-facing windows. South windows will be up against some of the harshest UV sunlight and need the best window tint you can find on the market.

As with tinting windows on your car, we highly recommend having your windows tinted by a professional. This will ensure that your window tint will look great, go on smooth without bubbles or bumps, and will be easy to maintain on your own. When looking for window tinters, take your time, read their reviews and find someone with experience with tinting residential windows. You want your windows to appear as if they have come tinted straight from the manufacturer and wish to avoid tints that will fade and crack a few years later.

Avoid Using Hazardous Cleaning Products

This is the primary reason we wrote this article. We wanted to educate our clients on which cleaning solutions they should avoid because they can ruin the window film on their home windows. Cleaning a tinted window entails avoiding ammonia-containing solutions. So, for those in the back, DO NOT USE AMMONIA-containing solutions. This can be problematic because the bulk of store-bought cleaners, particularly glass cleaners, include ammonia. So we decided to say that again! DO NOT USE AMMONIA.

Ammonia and window film do not mix nicely. If you use cleaning solutions containing it, you will undoubtedly see many streaks left behind. Furthermore, the use of ammonia-based cleaning products regularly will cause the color of your window film to fade. You don’t want purple windows!

Fortunately, several glass cleaners on the market provide an ammonia-free alternative. These are available at your local home improvement store or online.

Use the Proper Tools for the Job

Once you’ve found a safe cleaning solution for your window film, you’ll need the right cleaning equipment.

Avoid using cleaning tools with bristles or other hard surfaces. Instead, look for lint-free clothe, microfiber cloths or soft towels, or similar items.

Cleaning tools with rougher surfaces, like ammonia, might ruin your window film or cause scratches or streaks. This will not only make the view less appealing, but it will also reduce the longevity of your window film.

Make Use of the Cleaning Solution

It’s time to apply the cleaning solution now that you have all the proper cleaning solutions and tools for your window film.

Spray the solution down one window at a time, starting at the top and working your way down. Allow the solution to rest for a minute before wiping it away with a lint-free cloth or microfiber.

Once you’ve completed all of the windows in one room, do a spot check to verify no streaks remain. If they were, go over that window again.

It is that simple!

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