Available Innovative Cleaning Services

Innovative Cleaning Services is a local, family owned and operated power washing and window cleaning services company dedicated to providing unparalleled residential cleaning services. All of our power washing vehicles have commercial grade equipment with capabilities of hot water up to 200 degrees and adjustable pressure to ensure we use the right pressure for the surface we are working on. Our goal is to minimize any risk of damage to your property while providing a clean and sanitized solution. We understand that not all surfaces respond to heat and pressure the same, therefore we use our industry knowledge and experience to treat your home correctly.


Residential Pressure Washing

We specialize in residential power washing concrete surfaces, patios, siding, brick and all outside surfaces.

residential window cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning

We can clean all types of residential interior and exterior windows without leaving streaks or spots.

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

Contact us to professionally clean and maintain the cleanliness of your residential solar panels with our purified water system.