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Benefits of Spray Cleaning Dumpster Pad Areas

Although the dumpster area is not everyone’s favorite place to be, it is an essential space for the dumpster to sit. Unfortunately, any area near the garbage can quickly become overrun with garbage, creating an unsanitary and stinky environment for those of us who have to take out the shift’s trash. While the intentions might be good and people are careful to ensure the lids are closed properly and things are left as tidy as possible, things leak, critters get in and soon that area can be a real mess.

Let’s take a look at why a business owner might want a spray cleaning dumpster pad areas service.

Pest Control

Pesky critters such as opossums, raccoons, ants, pigeons, rats, mice, and roaches frequently congregate in the dumpster area. While rotting food and refuse on the ground makes our stomachs turn, it’s a tasty treat for other animals. No one wants to take out the trash and be startled by a nest of rodents, so pest control is essential, especially if you work in the food industry. You could face getting shut down if there is a pest problem that starts to infest the buildings. You want to keep pests under control as much as possible and having a clean dumpster pad will certainly help.

As a professional pressure washing company, we will first clean and remove any debris that has accumulated on the dumpster pad. Pressure washers remove liquid spills, rotting food, and stains from surfaces by using our specialized equipment and industrial cleaning solutions. When vermin and other unwanted visitors can’t find food, they’ll have to move on, causing less disruption to your business and employees.

Improved Health Conditions

It’s not a stretch to believe that harmful bacteria and other microbes thrive in areas where there is garbage. Dirty dumpster pads not only attract pests but also serve as a breeding ground for germs. Employees who have to take out the trash are exposed to these substances every time they go to the dumpster, and having someone become ill is never a good business practice. Not to mention the smell that can occur from this growth. Your dumpster pad will not only look and smell better but it will also be disinfected and sanitized.

Fewer Opportunities for Work-related Injuries

On-the-job injuries are a nightmare scenario that every business owner wishes to avoid. You could be held financially liable if an employee goes to take out the trash at the end of their shift and slips due to a food spill in the dumpster area.  Or, if they are harmed by a pest. Lost wages and medical bills are all factors in liability claims. Keeping your employees safe is in everyone’s best interests. Our dumpster pad cleaning will remove slippery spills and substances that endanger your workers.

Improved Visual Appeal

Many of your visitors will notice the location of your dumpster, no matter where it is. Even if they’re hidden behind tall fencing, filthy dumpster pads have a way of letting everyone know they’re filthy. Maybe it’s all the debris spilled nearby or the odor.  They might also see in as someone opens the door to put things into the dumpster. Whatever the case, you don’t want that as a look for your business. You always want your business to look well maintained.

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