Commercial Pressure Washing Serving Arizona

At Innovative Cleaning Services, we specialize in commercial power washing in Phoenix concrete surfaces, dumpster pads, stadiums, heavy equipment, and buildings. We also clean commercial windows inside and out. We are the only company that fully deep cleans dumpster areas in the state because we are the only company that pulls the dumpsters out every time. Request a free quote today!

We specialize in power washing restaurant dumpster pads with excellent power washing results. Our pressure washer goes up to 4000 psi and over  200 degrees for the toughest of stains. We are a mobile service while power washing dumpster pads in Phoenix.

dumpster cleaning process

We can remove the toughest grease stains with our Innovative techniques and equipment.

We specialize in power washing stadium seating, concourses and plazas.
We use the correct detergents and correct techniques to power wash heavy equipment.
We can power wash and remove stains of various types from buildings of any size and with our Waste Water Reclaim System we will abide by EPA regulations.

We specialize in commercial window cleaning. We use a Pure Water R/O-D/I system for all exterior windows. We can reach windows up to 3 stories without the need of a ladder or lift.

pure water system

We have a trademark secret to clean commercial solar panels that we really want commercial companies to find. We can clean as many as 5000 panels per day with our process.

We are the only company in the state that removes the dumpsters from the dumpster areas before we perform deep cleaning!

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Additional Innovative Cleaning Services

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  • Soft Wash Tile Roofs
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  • Full Window Cleaning Services
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Restaurant Pressure Washing

  • Roof washes
  • Awning washes
  • Dumpster pad deep cleaning
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