Pressure Washing the Outside of Your Arizona Business

Having your business premises cleaned regularly will improve the health of the building and increase its value. The exterior of a business is the first thing people see when they drive by. It is essential to ensure it is clean because dirt, debris, and mildew can build up over time. Having a dirty building can damage the facade and affect the air quality of the building. This could cost you money in repairs and replacements, including re-painting.

There are various ways to advertise your pressure washing service. The most effective is by setting up a website. This allows customers to find you easily and contact you. You can also use vehicle wraps and flyers. You can also ask existing customers to post reviews on your Facebook page.

You will also need to register your business with the IRS and get an EIN (Employer identification number). Your business bank account will require specific documentation. You will need to obtain a license, business permit, and insurance. You can also take advantage of free advertising, such as advertising in the newspaper or radio. You may have to purchase ads on websites such as Google and Facebook.

You should also consider your marketing budget. The US Small Business Administration recommends spending no more than 8% of your total budget on marketing. Your budget will depend on the platforms you choose. You will want to spend most of your marketing budget in places where your potential customers spend most of their time.

Before starting your pressure washing business, you will need to decide on the type of equipment you will use. If you are uncomfortable using pressure washers, you can hire a professional cleaning company. However, a cheap set of equipment may not be able to deliver the same results as top-of-the-line equipment.

Once you have your equipment, you will need to set service prices. This will determine the scope of your business and how much you will be charging your clients. You will also need to keep a detailed record of all your expenses. You will also need to register your business with your local government. This is a crucial step to follow to avoid fines.

When you start your pressure washing business, you need to hire an employee to help you daily. You will need to provide your employees with uniforms and branded yard signs. You should also think about expanding your business in the future. You can do this by joining business associations and other pressure-washing groups. You can also distribute flyers door-to-door.

You can also use Facebook to promote your pressure-washing business. You can create an account and post offers, customer testimonials, and pictures of your services. Having your business establishment cleaned regularly will attract more customers.

Your employees will be more productive when they work in a clean and healthy environment. They will also feel pride in their work.

At Innovative Cleaning Services, we specialize in commercial power washing in Phoenix concrete surfaces, dumpster pads, stadiums, heavy equipment, and buildings. We also clean commercial windows inside and out. We are the only company that fully deep cleans dumpster areas in the state because we are the only company that pulls the dumpsters out every time. Request a free quote today!

We specialize in power washing restaurant dumpster pads with excellent power washing results. Our pressure washer goes up to 4000 psi and over  200 degrees for the toughest of stains. We are a mobile service while power washing dumpster pads in Phoenix.

dumpster cleaning process

We can remove the toughest grease stains with our Innovative techniques and equipment.

We specialize in power washing stadium seating, concourses and plazas.
We use the correct detergents and correct techniques to power wash heavy equipment.
We can power wash and remove stains of various types from buildings of any size and with our Waste Water Reclaim System we will abide by EPA regulations.

We specialize in commercial window cleaning. We use a Pure Water R/O-D/I system for all exterior windows. We can reach windows up to 3 stories without the need of a ladder or lift.

pure water system

We have a trademark secret to clean commercial solar panels that we really want commercial companies to find. We can clean as many as 5000 panels per day with our process.

We are the only company in the state that removes the dumpsters from the dumpster areas before we perform deep cleaning!

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