Based on all solar companies contracts it is up to the home owner to maintain the cleanliness of your panels. You can do it yourself and risk injury or you can contact us to professionally clean them for you. We are trained and have a $2 million dollar liability insurance policy should anything out of the ordinary ever happen.
We can clean as many as 5000 panels daily due to our trademark process. No one else does what we do because we developed this process. We also currently clean more than 100,000 panels yearly in the Phoenix area.

The average home can have a decrease in energy production of up to 10 to 20% in the summer months if the panels have never been cleaned. This means that it is costing you more money out of pocket because your panels are not efficiently producing energy.
It is recommended to clean your panels 2 times per year and especially at the beginning of summer. We have longer days in the summer which means more sun. That equals to more energy production.

We use a purified water system to clean all residential solar panels. This system allows us to safely clean the panels without leaving any water spots for a “spot free clean” every time. No Chemicals are ever used on the panels.

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