All Solar Panel Cleaning Services

We can clean as many as 5000 panels daily due to our trademark process. No one else does what we do because we developed this process. We also currently clean more than 100,000 panels yearly in the Phoenix area.

Carports are usually found in parking lots for schools, grocery stores, churches and many other commercial buildings and can have from 100 to 10,000 panels. They are elevated arrays of panels and we usually use a scissor lift to access and clean these panels. These panels can create many difficulties while cleaning them but our processes make it very possible for us to clean these quickly and efficiently.

Roof Mounted panels are placed on the roof of many commercial buildings. We clean these by taking our equipment to the roof and cleaning the panels from there. These arrays can have anywhere from 30 panels to over 15,000 panels. Our perfected process allows us to clean up to 5,000 panels daily.

Ground Mounted panels are mounted low to the ground. These are also known as “solar farms”. You typically find these away from the cities and these and are usually huge. These are a challenge to clean due to the lack of water on these sites.

Why It Is Important To Clean Your Solar Panels ?

Leaves, bird poop and airborne particles (from dirt and pollen) all dirty your solar panel investment. Dirty panels mean power loss – grime and debris reduce the ability of the solar array to perform at full capacity. A solar array is made up of several solar modules wired together, and each solar module is made up of solar cells all mounted collectively on a frame. Solar cells are made of semiconductor materials, such as silicon. One side of a solar cell is positive while the other is negative. When sunlight hits a solar cell, it excites the electrons in the semiconductor material, and it’s this energy that can be captured as electricity. If the cells aren’t clean, then less sunlight is able to be absorbed and less electricity is generated. The more light that hits a panel, the more power it will generate. The upwards angle of solar panels, causes them to be more prone to bird droppings and a build-up of general dust and dirt that does not wash off with just rain. … So it is important to have a professional company in Glendale clean the solar panels in order to protect and maintain your investment.

The potential energy loss depends on the level of filth your solar panels have accumulated. Energy loss could reach 25 percent, but some reports bring the number as high as 30 percent for consumers who never clean their systems. This number has a lot more meaning when the number of panels in an array is greater. Basically put, if a site of 10,000 panels is performing at 30% less efficiency this means that you will lose “A LOT” of money in the long run.

What are the advantages of clean solar panels?

Clean solar panels offer tremendous benefits, and Innovative is the cleaning company whose processes can help you reap those benefits. Our Phoenix commercial solar panel cleaning process can help you to increase output by as much as 5 to 30%. If your panels are not producing as efficiently as they could and should be, it may be because they are not as clean as they need to be. Let us at Innovative help you save money!

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