Window Screens

We custom-create screens for your home to protect from sun exposure and reduce the occurrence of bugs getting into your home.

Sun Screens are a very affordable way to help reduce the costs of heating and cooling your home. In Arizona, our summer months are especially hot and our Air Conditioners work around the clock to maintain a liveable temperature. By adding sun screens to your home you will be able to see a reduction in your utility bills as well as block incoming UV rays that can sun-bleach your furniture, draperies, etc.

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Having a screened-in patio is another way to extend your living space, and take advantage of the outdoors without the excessive heat that Arizona is known for. Sun screens can potentially block up to 90% of the heat and glare of the sun. In addition, it will reduce the effects of our monsoon season but blocking the high winds and reducing the amount of dust.

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Window Screens help reduce the number of bugs and insects that can come in through your windows. Finding a screen that will allow the right amount of light, maintain visibility and prevent insects from entering your home uninvited is the key. Mesh size is a factor when deciding what you want to use it for. There are additionally heavy-duty screens that can withstand pet damage as well.

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Why It Is Important To Install Window Screens?

Window screens serve multiple purposes for your home, besides the aesthetic of looking nice and professional, they block harmful UV rays from the sun, reduce your energy expenditures, and prevent bugs from getting into your home. Screens can also be heavy-duty enough to withstand your pets who may inadvertently scratch at them, especially with sharp claws.

Window screens are made from different types of materials, Fiberglass screens are flexible, resist unravelling and corrosion. Aluminum screens are durable as well, they also retain their shape, and resist rusting. Polyester screens also resist tearing, rust, heat and are great for pet areas and reducing the sun impact. Stainless steel is another material that is used in sun shades, mostly for higher traffic areas since they are more durable, offer great ventilation and views through them, as well as resisting fire and corrosion. Finally, copper screens are another choice especially for coastal areas, they are especially beautiful and are a popular choice for historic homes.

In addition to keeping many things out of your home, they are especially great for what they let in: fresh air! Air circulating throughout your home not only helps to reduce odors but is very beneficial for your health.

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